Scope : Marketing Gallery (Full Interior) & Show Unit Apartment (Contractor) 


Located in Pancoran in the centre of South Jakarta, this Show Unit and Marketing Gallery aims to bring something new to the table. First impression is always essential and nothing conveys this better than a sense of distinct atmosphere.

Mainly drenched in chromatic colours and gray, elegance and luxury emitted from these spaces without going overboard with ornaments. Highlighting installations in glass cabinet, the show room looks spacious while the meeting room opts for a more natural and warm vibe. Different tones of beige and wood complexions in the room complement all aspects of the room, projecting a unique personality to it.

 Keeping it modern, yet pleasant, the room area focuses on being comfortable while still retaining its prestige in the execution of every little aspect of the space. Teak wood cabinets, table and stairs makes the room pop while the stainless mirror utilized gives the room more light and clarity. The bedroom on the second floor receives softer colours treatment to give a sense of delicacy without any less of sophistication.