Scope : Apartment, room interior


As a nature-themed resort located in Denpasar Bali, Taman Sari Apartment has the delicate challenge of keeping things in balance. They did so in style, by providing two types of rooms available for choice : mezzanine and studio room.

 Combining natural and modern look, the space utilizes lots of different wood textures juxtaposed with light coloured marble floor to define different areas. Making sure that the resort takes advantage of the beautiful natural surrounding of it, colours of furniture and ornaments have been carefully selected to keep the room radiant and aglow during the day.

Embellishments are strategically placed all over the spaces to offset the more contemporary look with some organic presence, creating a distinct, fresh vibe.  Assortments of potted plants and old wooden vases work really well in kitchen cabinet area while the nature-themed illustrations pasted on the wall brings a sense of tranquility and composure.